About Rosa

Creator of the animated series, Zomb-Eh?, Rosa is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. Her work includes Notes to My Younger Self, the first book in a self-help series and the high fantasy novel, Half-Elf. She has also co-authored 4 publications and her poetry has appeared in several anthologies.

Rosa has studied acting, music, spirituality, as well as writing for non-fiction, fantasy, and film. Over a dozen of her scripts have been produced to date, including short educational and promotional videos.

Rosa is also working with Jade to create a family-friendly video game called, Eeyayho.

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About Jade

Jade Arcade has been active as a comic artist since the mid 1980’s.  He has written novels, comics, short stories and has been the illustrator in many comic books and role playing books.  His work has appeared in Fantasy Theatre (‘The Reaper’), Mothman Anthology, Omlevex, Cartoon Action Hour and Horrorzine, just to name a few.

Jade is the creator of the cult cartoon series “Mr. Dodsworth™ ” and is currently working on a number of exciting new projects in animation, including the much anticipated “Zomb-Eh?™” and a family-friendly video game called, Eeyayho.

Jade is also an accomplished actor, voice actor and musician/compose, all of which he is bringing to bear in his upcoming projects.

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About Zomb-Eh?

Just your average Canadian zombie, trying to make it in today’s world.

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